The VTV-1SDB is a non foundational train scale for weighing wagons in static mode and in motion at speed up to 12 km/h

Ukrainian metrology registration У2051-08
Russian metrology registration 41864-09
Belarusian metrology registration РБ 03 02 4300 10

Train scale VTV-1SDB is agreed with Ukrainian state railways

The VTV-1SDB train scale used for:

  • weighing wagons in motion and in static mode;
  • for identifying and indexing the offset of wagon gravity center.


  • Bogie , wagon and total train weights
  • Speed and geometry of train
  • Recognizing of locomotive
  • Easy to install (no foundation and no civil works)
  • Swiveling of bearing of the sensors (resistance to drawdown)
  • Installation during 1-2 days
  • Weighing without uncoupling
  • “Turnkey” supply

Scale VTV-1STB consists of two weight modules separated by the rail section of track. Each weight module includes platform and foundation frame with 4 loadcell sensors “Flintec” (USA) between them. Supply kit includes 2 measurement processors and weighing processor.

Installation takes 1-2 days.

SPECIFICATION of VTV-1SDB wagon scales
(SM – static mode, DM – in-motion/dynamic mode)

Accuracy  SM (according OIML, standarts)
Accuracy  DM (according OIML, standarts) I - wagon
0,5 - total train
Weighing capacity, SM/DM
2/16...150 t
Weighing speed
up to 12 km/h
Transit speed
15 km/h
Increment size
in range 2...100 t, kg
in range 100...150 t, kg

DM, kg: 50
Accuracy SM (according OIML, standarts)
Operating temperature
In-track equipment
 - 30°С...+ 45°С
Trackside/control room equipment + 10°С...+ 45°С
Ptotection class:
Weighing platform
Trackside/control room equipment
Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
Lifetime, year
Dimensions of weigh baulk, m 6,16 × 2,2 ×0,46

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