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Automobile scales underlay ETM BAT-10P

Description of scales ETM-10P

Recently, due to the specifics of their activities, some enterprises of the state and private sector have needed light, mobile and compact scales capable of carrying out estimated weighing in the field. Automobile portable scales ETM VAT-10P are designed for axial weighing in a static state of trucks, trailers, as well as containers placed on a flat horizontal surface with a hard coating. The patented design of the platforms has a special shape that ensures the fixation of the wheels of the car. Weighing a two-axle vehicle or trailer is carried out by alternately driving the axles onto 2 platforms.

For weighing three-axle vehicles, it is desirable to have a set of 4 platforms, for weighing three-axle semi-trailers - a set of 6 platforms. To weigh containers, you need a set of 4 platforms, with the obligatory support of the container on all platforms.

Folding handles are used for ease of carrying and proper installation of platforms under the wheels of vehicles. The own weight of the platform is 18 kg. Scales can be easily transported by any vehicle, including passenger cars.
by car. The highest weight limit for a single platform is Ut.
by car. The highest weight limit for a single platform is Ut.
12 V or from the battery built into the weight processor.


Modern weighing equipment is a rather complex set of devices.
To maintain its high performance and ensure measurement accuracy, it is necessary to carry out regular service. This will help to significantly increase its service life and minimize the possibility of sudden breakdown. SPC ETM LLC offers professional maintenance services for scales of various types and purposes, including: automobile, wagon, bunker, for weighing liquid and bulk cargo, platform, for animals.

Our specialists will perform all the necessary types of work to check and repair the equipment, as well as provide solutions for other tasks related to its proper maintenance. In addition, the company NPC ETM LLC offers the organization of verification of scales, including the call of a verification officer, the provision of verified reference weights and the supply of a weighing car.

12 V or from the battery built into the weight processor.

Reconstruction of mechanical scales into electronic ones is the cheapest and fastest way of converting morally and physically obsolete scales into a modern measuring device.
The developed reconstruction method makes it possible to replace the balance beam system with strain gauge racks without the use of concrete work in 2-3 days.
At present, due to the change in the truck fleet, it became necessary to weigh trucks (KrAZ, KamAZ, MAZ) with semi-trailers and trailers up to 16 meters long. Existing mechanical scales, as a rule, have a platform 12 meters long.
The specialists of the company "NPTs ETM" LLC have developed and successfully implemented a method for the reconstruction of mechanical scales with the lengthening of the load-receiving platform up to 16 meters in 3-4 days and the minimum volume of construction work.

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